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Magic is a substance whose origin is much unknown to the people of the world, but despite the mystery that surrounds its origin, many who have used it have mastered its ways. 

Flowing through every river with the current, swaying every tree by the wind's side, and standing tall with every mountain in the lands, magic undoubtedly plays an integral part in the world's existence.

With magic being a natural resource with uses that still are not fully discovered, it is only logical to expect human beings to harness it and use it for many purposes. War, innovation, carnage, enlightenment, bloodshed, and excellence...those are all what is possible with the power of magic.

As this universe operates within the spacetime continuum, it is only natural that magic does the same, offering both spatial and temporal magic that can be harnessed and conquered by civilizations and individuals.

Emanating from the smile formed on a children's drawing to the edge of the blade from a warrior's strike, magic truly is limitless in its uses.


As quite easily determined by its name, spatial magic pertains to the physical world (everything three-dimensional and under), and with spatial magic comes a wide variety of wonderful applications that have shown to be discovered and utilized by the people who have wielded it over the millennia. Always seeming to find itself in a binary system of good and evil, spatial magic runs on the clashing forces of the dark and the light.


With the development of this aeon-long war, this binary system has shown itself by adopting new forms time and time again.

Each of the six categories of spatial magic——before pure magic——are the typical mediums that people use in order to connect themselves from the physical world to the world with the magical strings of life, which are on a different plane of understanding from the humans.

Pure magic, on the other hand, is something quite powerful and interesting. It is said that those born with pure magic abilities are so rare that they are a once in a thousand year chance of happening. They require no medium, and they can have access to all different categories of magic as they see fit, but typically it is seen that pure magic users stick to not using mediums for their moves. Pure magic users are also very well known for growing at alarming rates with skill.

Spatial Magic


Light is the true representation of the good within magic. Typically, those who wield this form of magic are void of bad intentions and malice. But, even those bestowed with this form of magic have been known to deviate from the light, eventually becoming people tainted with views that go against the benevolence in the light.

Only stories of this form of magic have been heard, but those who are purely able to control the light are extinct. Luciana, the woman who was fabled to have controlled spatial and temporal magic, was the champion of this wondrous power, but even she had succumbed to time, and her light, too, was soon forgotten...

The only remnants to her grace are those who are known as pure magic types, but even they are rare——so rare, in fact, that it is said only one in every one thousand years is born. 

But, this is only the legend in the land of Luciana, a distant land from Earth itself.

Light Magic
Void Magic


This is a new type of magic that has only shown up within the country of Luciana, not seeming to have infiltrated Geoffrey’s old world. Being new to him, there are properties that he cannot understand. However, it is considered to be within the realm of spacial magic.


For one, dark magic (or void magic), has a property that makes it invisible to those who use spacial magic, like azure, crimson, and violet. Since this type of magic was created by Timpus, a magic user, it takes the same appearance as temporal magic.


While not much more is known about this type of magic just from Tears for a Fleeting Light: The Invisible Darkness, it is known to at least have two different forms: pure and fire. Obviously, more will be known about this in the future, but until then, the tidbits of information that have been gained thus far are the only things that explain what it is.


Before the birth of Azure and Naomi, the two tails of magic, crimson and azure, were one, and all things good, peaceful, bad, and passionate were stored in this wonderful mystical substance.


It soon became obsolete and nearly extinct when the two daughters of Emperor Hendrix and his wife, Zuri, were born and had went on their own adventures, where those who were more peaceful and in a state of mind to do good would have azure magic, while those who went against those beliefs would side with the crimson magic.


This, of course, brings the course of events to the clashing of the two magical factions nearly two millennia later. Any singular magic user who uses violet magic will only be able to use the type that they were born with, and those like Sebastian, who can use both, can only use the magic in a binary fashion, not one that allows for the two colors to mesh together. It really is a lost art.

Violet Magic


A system of magic that is parallel to its darker sister, crimson magic, azure magic is the collection of all things good and natural, acting as the ‘light side’ of sorts in the world, where it runs through all living things (including only the humans who accept it), like trees, plants, animals, bugs, and even natural things like water and mountains——anything that one can imagine. It is also divided into seven categories: fire, air, earth, light, shadow, water, and pure.

Azure Magic


A system of magic that is parallel to its lighter sister, azure magic, crimson magic is the collection of things synthetic and human-made, acting as the 'dark side' in the world. While it does not necessarily indicate evil, its derivation from passion and human wants can make people unsteady if they forget how to regulate themselves.


This runs through anything that is made from passion and humans, such as industrialized buildings and anything else that poses a threat to nature.


Also, as listed in azure magic, it will only run through humans who accept it, but also like its counterpart, it is something that is genetic and given through generations.

Crimson Magic


This is a type of magic that is not very well known, only somewhat familiar to those of incredible magic skills, such as Ares. It is known to be able to allow the user to dilate time (that of anything surrounding the user or the user thereof). Also, particularly skilled and allowed individuals can use this power to traverse the very flow of time, but one must heed caution, for doing so in a reckless manner can cause the person to be lost in a point of time that allows for no return. It’s a dangerous thing, but its uses are incredible.

Temporal Magic
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