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May 1st, 2021

Five years ago——that was the night Geoffrey Lindloff woke up in those frozen plains, whose infinite stretch of nothingness seemingly spelled out his eminent death. Luckily, a boy named Norman was his saving grace, somehow teleporting the two to a vast country whose name was Luciana, something never registered in the history books of Earth or Mars. The only thing Geoffrey had when waking up was the former weapon of his brother, Sebastian Lindloff, faded and no longer showing its blue hue.

In the search for a way home, the two traversed the country, ending up five years later in the capital city of Brightstone. Geoffrey feels an odd presence beneath its stretches that he knows must have the answers to his questions.

With the malice that radiates beneath the city, a population ignorant to the magical feeling is beginning the exciting gubernatorial election cycle between the incumbent Governor Collin Hubrick and his challenger, Senator Micheal Brine. Geoffrey has his suspicions about the city. There’s just no way that nobody has knowledge of the presence. Someone has to be pulling the strings, and the excitement of the election is a perfect time to investigate that.

Geoffrey longs to see his friends and family again, and there’s no way he’s going to quit until he finds them.

‘Don’t you guys forget about me, okay?’


'Don't you guys forget about me, okay?'


Welcome to Luciana!

A nation of light and justice...

For nearly four hundred years, Luciana has shown the rest of the world that a nation can prevail solely through a democratic and trustworthy process, where those who decide to participate are upholding a multiple-century-old tradition!

Born at the beginning from the people's desire to be free of the tyrannical rule of the monarchy, the people of Luciana have always had the desire to strive for freedom. Employing the help of their most generous allies, and the only country that decided to help out the Lucianans in their time of need, they were able to win against the crown! Thank you, Worrosland, for your aid!

From then, the founding fathers developed a nation of true freedom. Thanks to the impactful leadership of the first Governor, Borris Cumberland, and Lieutenant Governor, James Smith, Luciana became quite the powerful and notable nation.

Unfortunately, due to a terrible sickness, known simply as a 'black plague', the two passed away. With large shoes to fill, Senate President Julius Fitzgerald, as prescribed by the Lucianic Constitution, became the next Governor of Luciana——and the longest serving one, at that! Asking for the help of a young, but incredibly able, Senator, Governor Julius Fitzgerald was able to recruit Asmodeus Warding to be the second Lieutenant Governor.

From there, the two, with the help of the somewhat conflicted Senate, built up a nation that would be known as the 'Nation of Light and Justice' throughout the world!


Luciana, a nation of light and justice...


Legend has it...

...that there was a woman named Luciana, whose power was unrivaled. Being able to control spatial and temporal magic, she could survive virtually anything.

However, with the vast power that was vested in her, she was also met with loneliness, not being able to share her love with anyone. Eventually, even her closest friends and family left her, either due to mortality or jealousy, and she was left all alone, wandering the planet for years.

Eventually, she found herself in an area that she had never visited before——somewhere far away from society. She no longer wanted to be in the presence of anyone else.

Even so, fate had a different plan for her. Eventually, she met someone whom she had grown fond of, who did not judge her nor envy her——someone who truly loved her for who she was.

Afraid that she would lose this person, just as she had lost her other friends and loved ones, she gave him exactly one half of her power, and thus, he was given the gift of time, being able to survive an eternity without aging.

Unfortunately, since her immortality had been gifted to someone else, she aged just as any other human being would, and no power in the world could prevent her death of old age. 

With that, her power dispersed outwards from her passing soul and gifted the lands with its life and vibrance, birthing the ability for others to thrive. 

The man was left in sorrow, unable to age or die, and for the millennia to come, he would search for a way to bring back his dear Luciana...


"Luciana, oh, Luciana,
My search for you eternal.
I scour the earth, always pleading,
Endless tears…for your light fleeting."


The Governor

The most powerful figure in the land, the Governor is both the head of state and government in Luciana. Although with the tremendous responsibility and power that comes with such a title, there are still severe limitations, and without the cooperation of the Senate, the Governor cannot get much done outside of the realm of their own powers.

There have been a total of thirty-eight Governors in Luciana, with Governor Collin Hubrick being the most recent.

Notable Governors:

Governor Borris Cumberland - The first Governor of Luciana must have had an incredible responsibility to do the right thing, and luckily, the people chose the right person for the job! Borris Cumberland, with his strong work-ethic, desire to help the people, and sense of justice, was able to kickstart the nation into a four-hundred year position in the world's hall of respect. However, all good things must come to an end, and with the terrible and unfortunate death of the man from a sickness simply known as a 'black plague', he succumbed to time's wrath.

Governor Julius Fitzgerald - Having to take the immense responsibility of being the successor of Governor Borris Cumberland, Julius Fitzgerald was luckily able to continue propelling the nation towards a brighter future! Serving four terms of six years, he is, thus far, the longest-serving Governor to exist in Luciana's history.

Governor Collin Hubrick - Being the most recent and thirty-eighth Governor, Collin Hubrick is running for a second term, and while he won his first election with his charm and charisma and experience, his second run is now surrounded with controversy. Accused for conforming to a criminal organization that is simply known as the Brightstone Syndicate, Collin Hubrick must scrape together enough votes to be able to make it past the finish line, which will undoubtedly be a razor-thin vote like none other.

The Lucianic Senate

Consisting of 597 members, the Lucianic Senate is formed by districts of equal population throughout the nation. 

It is clear that their position is to form legislation that is supposed to be beneficial for the nation, and on top of that, they are to confirm those whom the Governor has appointed to the cabinet positions.

Notable Senators:

Senator Julius Fitzgerald - Being the first President of the Senate, Julius Fitzgerald had to unfortunately fill the shoes of his old friend, late Governor Borris Cumberland, and in doing so, he became the Governor with the most terms served (four terms of six years each).

Senator Asmodeus Warding - A young Senator with an incredible career ahead of him, Asmodeus Warding was incredibly well-liked by his Senate colleagues, and if he had not been chosen as the Lieutenant Governor, he surely would have become the Senate President to succeed Julius Fitzgerald.

Senator Lucas Jonathan - The Second Senate President of the Lucianic Senate, Lucas Jonathan was incredibly well-versed in the political landscape and would make an excellent member of Senate Leadership.  

Senator Robert Anderson - The most recent President of the Senate, his reputation is quite split in the nation, where some believe he is doing an excellent job, while others aren't so convinced that he is fully truthful in his behind-the-door dealings. Part of the Decentralist Coalition, Robert Anderson is unquestionably loyal to Governor Collin Hubrick. Born and raised in Braunland, Robert Anderson is not the typical leader of the Senate, where many were born in Brightstone City itself.

Senator Michael Brine - Both a Senator and a candidate for the Governorship in the upcoming election, Micheal Brine is an incredible orator and experienced politician. It is no doubt that those in both coalitions respect his ability to draft legislation and get things done. Born in Maderaton, a relatively small town west of Brightstone City, he has clearly shown that anyone can climb the political latter to the top, and becoming the leadership to the Centralist Coalition, he hopes to prove that anyone can become Governor.


A successful country has a well-regarded body of government.

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