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September 10th, 2020

It’s boring being a student in the Fifth Ring of the Arcoslian Empire. Rylee hates it, and she’s sure that her fellow students and her teacher hate her even more. Her attitude of not wanting to conform with the rules of the society she lives in has somewhat negatively affected her outward image; however, she doesn’t care about things like that. All she cares about is going home to her loving family and enjoying their company. News is out, though, that the annual Ring Test will be sent out to the students, and she wants to progress to the wealthier rings of the Empire. She heard that her brother, Cedric, passed it with such flying colors that he was sent all the way to the Capital. If she can meet up with him, maybe she can figure out the secrets of the Empire…just maybe.

Sebastian and his friends, after being on Mars for the past few weeks, have finally collected the resources to head into the center of the Empire and face Emperor Ares. They are aware of his strength being incredible, and Sebastian is worried that they might be a little bit too ambitious about meeting the man. Packing up the necessary items they need from within the poverty-stricken Seventh Ring, he and his friends finally go to the Sixth Ring. Whatever lies beyond is unknown to them, but they’re more concerned with how they will face Emperor Ares.

As the two stories unravel, they get closer and closer to the Capital. With the increased intensity of their adventures, there is more of an urgency to reach the end of the road. When their two stories meet up, how will they work together to face Emperor Ares? And will they have what it takes to win and achieve their goals?

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How will they work together to face Emperor Ares?

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"...I loved the twists on the story that I never expected!" - Maya's Bookshelves


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