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A Quick Hello to Everyone Joining In

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

If you have visited my website, there is a good chance that you know who I am, but for some miracle reason that you don’t, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jackson Utz, and I am the author to the Eternal Lifeline trilogy (more books to come), and I love writing!

Over the past seven months, probably about eight now, I have been working on writing, promoting, and selling my books, and I think I've done a pretty okay job at it so far. What excites me most is that people are still interacting with my content, thus making me want to make more content for people to interact to.

Now, I know that I'm a small account, and I know it is pretty difficult to trust small accounts. However, people have to start out somewhere, and I am just starting out with getting my name more well-known.

As of writing this blogposts, I have 142 followers on my bookstagram, 47 followers on my book Twitter, 41 followers on my book's Facebook, 6 members to my Subreddit, 20 subscribers to my YouTube account, and 2 subscribers to my website. Thank you all for following, by the way!

But my point is that my following isn't huge, yet, and I understand the reluctance to invest in something new like this. But if you feel like dropping a follow will be a good idea, go ahead! That would be awesome!

I started out writing my first book in the middle of quarantine, wanting to finally fulfill my dream of doing just that, and I had no idea that I would have finished a trilogy since then. All of the support I have received along the way has been tremendous!

So, why don’t you stick around for a while? I look forward to it!


IG: eternallifelineseries

Twitter: LifelineEternal

Youtube: Eternal Lifeline Series

Subreddit: r/eternallifelineseries

Facebook: eternal.lifeline.series



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