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Celebrating 1 year after Eternal Lifeline's release!

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Jackson's Story & Blog

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The Withered World

The First Book In the Magical, Adventurous, and Dystopian Trilogy!

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The New World

The Exciting and Thrilling Sequel In the Trilogy!

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The Ancient World

A Shocking, Emotional, and Powerful End to the Trilogy!

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The Invisible Darkness

This is the first addition to a sequel series that I am writing to the Eternal Lifeline Trilogy. Stay tuned!

The trilogy, Eternal Lifeline, was action-packed and ended off with an exciting finale, but that doesn't mean everyone's story is done. Following Geoffrey Lindloff's journey, readers can see what Sebastian's brother decides to do after the first original exciting journey comes to an end. 

As he grows and becomes the magic user he had always wanted to be, Geoffrey's adventure will unfold in ways that no one ever thought possible! Stay tuned!

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Latest YouTube Video

How Anime Inspired My Book, Eternal Lifeline

YouTube Video Description:
"Hey, guys! My name is Jackson Utz, and on this channel, I will be talking about many different things about my book series, Eternal Lifeline. If dystopian/magic/adventure books interest you, then I think you have found the right place, since Eternal Lifeline is all three of those!"

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Jackson Utz | Trilogy Author

📚 Self-published author. 
🗡Dystopian & adventure fiction. 
⏱ Frequently releases books. 
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